Please Welcome…Lugo!


Hey all, David here again.

Pink Robot Studios has continued growing faster than I ever imagined – it came time to get more help right after Ashley joined.

Truth be told, Lugo’s been on the team for a couple months now, but I just haven’t gotten around to writing this post. Whoops. Like I said, we’re growing fast! Super busy few months. Sorry Lugo.

Lugo is a good friend of mine from college – we met in a Creative Concepting class and bonded over Spider-Man (the best superhero other than Batman) and our shared love of photography. At the time, Lugo was running a successful real estate photography business, but he was ready to start moving up. He currently works full time at Colvita Creative, a fantastic local Boise marketing agency. They’re amazing people who do great work, and Lugo loves every aspect of working with them!

Thanks to Colvita, Lugo is able to dedicate some time in his evenings after his day ends with Colvita to do some awesome Pink Robot Work. He is a busy dude, but that doesn’t compromise his work at all. Believe me.

Lugo Grad Photo

Lugo is a brilliant mind, and consistently displays a level of drive to improve his craft that I’ve rarely seen in anyone else I’ve met. Hence, why he is so effective in both his positions here and at Colvita. He’s a better data analyst than I am, and has been instrumental in strategizing our new processes for our projects. Your project will progress significantly more smoothly and quickly because of his work.

His official title here is “Web Marketing Strategist,” but his talents lay far beyond that label. He’s helping out with in-house improvements, copy writing, and client communication, and he’s looking to get more into design.

As far as his bio goes, Lugo is a tough guy to pin down. He’s energetic, driven, passionate, and overwhelmingly nice – but he’s also a massive nerd. I’ve personally witnessed him go to war over Spider-Man 2. He loves Over the Hedge and conscious hip-hop, and he’s no stranger to the odd parking ticket.

When we send over a full SEO report with detailed analysis and insights from our research, you’ll know it’s Lugo’s work. Look forward to some big improvements in our deliverables coming up.

The three of us are now meeting twice a week, and we’re running out of new coffee shops to try. I think we all get the feeling that Pink Robot Studios is just beginning, and there’s a bright future ahead of us. It’s so fun to work with two other people who share the same enthusiasm for the business that I do, and I really cherish the time I get to spend working with them.

Now the next step is our rebrand. With such massive growth, and two new incredible additions to the team, my current branding just isn’t cutting it. We’re working on a full 360-degree rebrand as we speak, and we’re using it as an opportunity to improve our process for everyone else we complete this work for.

Always improving, every day!

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Introducing Lugo, our new resident Web Marketing Strategist and Spider-Man expert.

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