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Where creativity meets purpose


You have the greatest business in the world. Our job is to figure out how to communicate that to people. And we do a really good job of it.

Our Philosophy

Branding isn’t just a good logo – it’s storytelling. What’s your company’s story?


In-depth industry, competitive, and company analysis guaranteed to leave you with genuine "a-ha" moments.

Built to last

Afraid you’ll outgrow your branding? Don’t be. Your company's story is timeless, and so is your visual design.

Genuinely personal

We're not a huge agency that will pump out your brand in a matter of days. We take our time, developing something extraordinary.

Here's what you get:

Stellar logo design

Truly researched. Not just something pretty, but something that truly connects with your target audience like no one else does.

Full strategy guide

Brand voice, key words and phrases, communication strategy, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, all of it.

360-degree brand guide

Understand the ins and outs of why your brand works and how your competitors' brands work. Know them better than they know themselves.

All the assets you need

In one zip file - the key to your entire business. A logo alone can only do so much - do the rest (and more) with a truly rounded brand.


Personalization isn’t just in our work—it’s in every aspect, including pricing.

Below are some pricing examples of recent projects.

Property Management



Manufacturing Company



Who We Are

Hey there. We’re a small team of three recent grads based in Boise, Idaho. We’ve got dreams of helping our clients build empires while trying every coffee shop in town.

In a sea of “agencies” and “firms,” we’re a true creative studio.

Meet our clients - others like you.

Jay Houston

CEO, NEXT Wellness
8x Pink Robot Studios client

Five Stars

Proud holders of a five point oh on Google.

Most don't stop at one project

Coming soon in that statistic: you.

Ever since our new website launched, I have found myself randomly typing in the URL just to stare at the amazing work created by Pink Robot / David. We have been so happy with the new design and all the work David put into making our website substantially better.
Rachele Adelman
Oberle Risk Strategies
So on point it's scary!THANK YOU for putting together such an all-encompassing view of our operation.
Matt Mach
Mach Private Risk Management
David was able to translate my loose vision of a logo concept into a comprehensive brand identity. 10/10 would recommend.
Taylor Stewart
Oregon Remembrance Project
Pink Robot managed to overdeliver and impress a client who was skeptic from the beginning...on top of an outstanding job in essentially record-time, David has a phenomenal attitude and it really is a treat to interact with him.
Adan Sierra


CEO, Empowered Ventures
2x Pink Robot Studios client

FINALLY, we have a creative team on our side.

When I read your website and newsletters, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pink Robot would write the best marketing copy we have ever had...the best creative team I've ever met.
Lisa Stewart
Beta Control Systems


Why not just get a cheap logo from a freelancer?

The issue here is scalability. When you’re small, you can skate by with a middling logo and no other branding.

But that’s the thing – you’ll stay small.

Branding is absolutely essential for any business who wants to grow. Your customers need something to connect with, something to feel a part of.

Building a business is, at the end of the day, building a community of like-minded people. Give that community a beautiful flag.

Do I own my brand?

Of course. You own everything, 100%.

What's a cool fun fact?

The average American sneezes four times a day.