Refund policy


As part of our strong focus on ethics and sustainable business practices, it’s of vital importance to us that any refund requests are treated with genuine care and personal treatment.

If you think a refund is needed for a service we have provided for you, let us know via email or call and we will get it sorted ASAP.

Below are our policies regarding refunds:

  1. If we were consistently late and/or created issues with our timeliness, we will likely offer a refund ourselves. However, if we don’t, let us know and we will discuss. If there are genuine concerns about the effects of our timeliness, we will issue a refund – the amount will depend on our investment in the project. It could be anywhere from a refund of a certain number of hours to a full refund.
  2. If we didn’t provide the full scope of the work promised, we will refund the amount equivalent to the scope of work unrendered.
  3. If we haven’t started work on your project when the refund is requested, we will issue a full refund.
  4. If you have any other reasons for requesting a refund, we will attend to it on a personal basis and discuss with you individually.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, let us know!


If you’re on a subscription plan with us, you can cancel anytime. Just let us know via email or calling us.

If you’re on one of our website build subscription plans, you signed a contract binding you to the first year of service. That said, if you’d like to get out early, you can simply pay the remainder of the amount required for the first year of service.

For example, if you’re three months in and wish to cancel, you’ll just need to pay the remaining nine months of service.

If the subscription is for any other service, you can cancel anytime and not pay anything else.