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Forget what you thought. SEO is not just about the rankings. Its a no-shortcuts, no-hacks brand awareness tool for taking your business stratospheric.

We only offer SEO services to current clients.

Unlock more relevant leads

Attract your dream customer. Our efforts go beyond stuffing SEO keywords in your copy – it’s about bringing in (and keeping) leads.

Explode your brand awareness

Stay top of mind for your target audience. Present them with a showstopping website that makes the decision for them.

Increase conversions

Don’t stop at bringing people to your site. Grab their attention and hold it right up to the conversion.

Our Philosophy

The listing at #1 isn’t always winning. Our focus is on turning those visitors into sales – that’s the key to great SEO.

Not just rankings

SEO is, at its core, about brand recognition. Don’t chase a ranking, attract a client.

Know the Roadmap

We're like your compass to the digital world. We'll take care of planning your online marketing for the year ahead.

No shortcuts or hacks

Genuinely impactful SEO won’t get you to #1 in a week. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Develop your funnel.

We’re not just here to boost your website’s numbers. We’re here to help you build the most effective funnel possible, from end to end.

Build Rome, folks.

Comprehensive Monthly reports

Receive a comprehensive report with all the numbers (and a full site audit) in your inbox each month, along with a clear plan for the month ahead.

continuous funnel optimization

We’re constantly identifying structural improvements across your entire funnel. Something not clicking with your booking system? We track it all.

Content marketing

Genuinely insightful, heavily researched articles built to last. We’re not focused on quick bursts of traffic, but building an indispensable library of knowledge.

Market insights

Keep up with your market. Every month, we conduct industry and competitive analyses that unlock key insights and bring you the tools to transform your business.


Personalization isn’t just in our work—it’s in every aspect, including pricing.

Below are some pricing examples of recent projects.




National Franchise


$1200/quarter per location

Who We Are

Hey there. We’re a small team of three recent grads based in Boise, Idaho. We’ve got dreams of helping our clients build empires while trying every coffee shop in town.

In a sea of “agencies” and “firms,” we’re a true creative studio.

Meet our clients - others like you.

Jay Houston

CEO, NEXT Wellness
8x Pink Robot Studios client

Five Stars

Proud holders of a five point oh on Google.

Most don't stop at one project

Coming soon in that statistic: you.

Ever since our new website launched, I have found myself randomly typing in the URL just to stare at the amazing work created by Pink Robot / David. We have been so happy with the new design and all the work David put into making our website substantially better.
Rachele Adelman
Oberle Risk Strategies
So on point it's scary!THANK YOU for putting together such an all-encompassing view of our operation.
Matt Mach
Mach Private Risk Management
David was able to translate my loose vision of a logo concept into a comprehensive brand identity. 10/10 would recommend.
Taylor Stewart
Oregon Remembrance Project
Pink Robot managed to overdeliver and impress a client who was skeptic from the beginning...on top of an outstanding job in essentially record-time, David has a phenomenal attitude and it really is a treat to interact with him.
Adan Sierra


CEO, Empowered Ventures
2x Pink Robot Studios client

FINALLY, we have a creative team on our side.

When I read your website and newsletters, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that Pink Robot would write the best marketing copy we have ever had...the best creative team I've ever met.
Lisa Stewart
Beta Control Systems


Do I need to build my website with you to get your SEO services?

Not at all! We can work with any website. However, it’s worth noting (and we’ll be upfront about this) that without a killer website, your SEO efforts won’t go nearly as far.

To see the full benefits, you need a site that can convert all these new visitors – not to mention a site with a quality build that Google wants to rank.

Why do I need SEO?

You can build the greatest website ever seen, but if it’s not showing up in searches, people will never see it. The best online marketing funnels make sure every step of the process is solid:

SEO -> Website -> Funnel -> Booking/Inquiry.

When can I expect results?

Any SEO agency that tells you they can get you to #1 in a matter of weeks is lying. SEO is a long game, and no hacks or shortcuts can replace genuine work and a solid plan.

We can’t guarantee when you’ll see results – again, nobody can with full certainty. But we know you’re like us – you’re playing the long game, and you want to dominate when it kicks in.

What's the best Radiohead song?

Paranoid Android. Or Jigsaw Falling Into Place. Or Let Down.

Maybe it’s all of them.