Featured in Boise State News

Last month, Pink Robot Studios was featured in Boise State Focus Magazine. Check out the article!

Super excited about this one.

A few months ago, I was called into Boise State’s Focus Magazine offices to be interviewed about my company. The article that resulted is now live on Boise State University’s website! Read it here.

Here is a transcription:

Now in his second year as a student at Boise State, web design firm Pink Robot Studios founder David Bridgeman wants to make his mark helping small businesses develop their web presence. Since starting the business in October 2020, he has built more than a dozen sites, offering discounts for young people running their own companies.

His time at Boise State, he said, has helped him appreciate how commerce can shape communities, and he wants Pink Robot to embody his aspirations and his values.

“I want my business to be a driving force for people like Boise State students: people who want to start something like I do,” he said. “College students are motivated and driven to change the world around them.”

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