Pink Robot 2030: A Time Capsule

Last week, my team and I talked game plan for 2030.

We’re all about process and planning here – you should see how detailed our task management is. Maybe I’ll write about that someday. Bordering on psychopathic.

So this post has a dual purpose: it’s a time capsule for where we are now, and it’s an educational experience. I think we can all learn from analyzing another company’s goals.

As you read, remember there’ll be a pop quiz at the end: what are your goals for 2030?

Future-Proofing the Company

The first step to accomplishing these goals is making sure Pink Robot Studios is still around in 2030. So how are we future-proofing our company?

Expanding our Services

We’re now a full-service branding studio, but we started out as a web design studio way back in 2020.

Obviously I’m no fortune teller (as far as you know, anyway), but websites will eventually go the way of the phone book. But what will be around forever? Brands.

Outreach Time!

The vast majority of our business comes from referrals. And we get a lot of them because we’re lucky enough to have lots of people really like us. (thanks guys)

That’s worked out great, but we recognize the need to scale proactively. We’re doing our own Google Ads and outreach for the first time, and our new website redesign is the basis for that.

Beating AI

I’ll keep this short, since we’re all tired of hearing about it: AI learn branding. AI take branding jobs. No good.

That’s why we’ve been focusing heavily on the human treatment over here. Sending gift baskets and birthday messages, hopping on video calls, selling our expertise instead of our services – that’s how we beat AI.

A Broader Scope

First up: broadening our services. We want to go beyond helping build brands – we want to nourish them, expand them, and lead them into the future.

Right now, we offer branding, web design, graphic design, strategy, and SEO. What we want to add:

  • Google Ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing campaign planning
  • Product design
  • 3D modeling
  • Photography
  • Videography

Our Actionable Steps

We’ve got a note featured prominently in our task management software with this list. It’s always top of mind – how are we learning more and pushing ourselves?

We’re taking them on one at a time. Right now, Google Ads is our focus.

To start things off, Lugo is out doing research, and then we’re doing some ads for ourselves (as mentioned above). From there, we can develop a killer process using those insights to start offering ads to clients.

Our Unconventional Office

The hottest topic of discussion at the coffee shop table last week: what’s our office going to look like?

For me, the biggest piece of the puzzle is a little unconventional: I want to have a music venue in the office!

For those who know me, they know music is my vice of choice. Boise has a shortage of independent music venues, and I want to offer a space for younger members of the community to celebrate their passions.

I’m also a firm believer that this is how businesses stick around: they take the time to celebrate the future of their industry and lift up the next generation of employees.

Our Actionable Steps

I’m slowly amassing a collection of music equipment, and I’m doing it under the guise that it’s “for the future venue.”

Yeah right, dude. Nice excuse to hoard gear.

Becoming Master Baristas

The biggest feature of our new office: a game-changing, industry-defining office coffee station. No pods here. Whole beans, espresso machine, the works.

The goal? Become master baristas.

There’s nothing cooler than inviting a client to come in to the offices and whipping up an artisan coffee for them on the spot. We’re all huge coffee fiends, so it’s a natural evolution of our meetups at coffee shops every week.

My question to you: what amenity is a must-have for you to create the ultimate office environment?

Our Actionable Steps

Our weekly coffee shop meetups have a more insidious purpose: we’re trying to learn all their secrets so we can beat them at their own game.

I just bought a nice manual coffee grinder and I’ve been trying out tons of different beans. My fave so far (I’m biased because I’m friends with the owner): La Terza’s Hyde Park blend.

Focusing on Our Mission

The single most important piece here: we need to always be 100% focused on our mission.

I didn’t start Pink Robot Studios to make websites – I started it because I wanted to have a vehicle to do good things. I think, at its core, this is the same reason most businesses are started up.

Maybe I’m an optimist, but who can blame me when we live in a beautiful world?

Right now, we donate 5% of profits to charity, plant 5 trees per project, and host carbon-neutral sites.

In the future, we want to:

  • Get a B Corp certification
  • Join 1% for the Planet
  • Do more pro bono projects
  • Offer scholarships to promising young creatives
  • Promote local arts

Our Actionable Steps

We’ve got a big project we’re working on – shhhhh. Can’t say more right now.

Okay, maybe I can. It involves events and the cousins of kangaroos. We’re very excited.

Wrapping It Up

Don’t make 2030 the boogeyman. Embrace 2030. Be excited for 2030!

Beyond acting as a time capsule for the years ahead, I hope this article has gotten you to think outside the box of what your company could be. It’s fun!

Down here, I’m pasting our list of goals for 2030, as it’s written in our company Notion doc:

  1. $1,000,000 in PROFIT per year
  2. Ashley and Lugo still here!
  3. Have an office with a music venue in it
  4. Offer scholarships for young bands
  5. Offer internships and bootcamps
  6. Donate $100k/year
  7. Offer more services
  8. Work with All Within My Hands (Metallica’s nonprofit)
  9. Become baristas at our own espresso machine

So now, it’s pop quiz time: where will you be in 2030, dear reader??

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