Happy Pride Month 2021!

How I’m celebrating Pride Month this year: donations and guest posts on the Pink Robot Studios site. Plus, this is the first post on The Antenna. Cool stuff!

Hey everyone, David here. One of the missions I have with Pink Robot Studios is to use it as a vehicle to help the people and communities I care about.

Many of my closest friends and loved ones identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, and celebrating Pride Month is my way of honoring and giving support to them. And what better way to launch this blog area of the site, The Antenna?

I’m a big believer in LGBTQ+ rights. To me, it’s not a political issue – it’s a moral issue. Everybody deserves a shot at love and feeling comfortable in their own skin. Some of the best and most genuine people I’ve ever met identify as queer, trans, or gender-neutral, and they’ll always have my full support.

Though I am an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, I am not part of it. I can’t act as a spokesperson for a group I don’t identify with. Pride Month is all about amplifying the voices within this community, and I want to use my little platform I have here to do that.

Pride Month isn’t about me – it’s about all the lovely people in the LGBTQ+ population. So this month I’m having a few good friends of mine write about what Pride Month means to them. Keep an eye out for those posts coming soon.

In addition, aside from the usual Pride-themed cosmetic changes across the site, I’m donating 25% of my revenue this month to The Community Center, a local Boise organization dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. They’ve offered a safe space to those in our local population since 1983 through their lending library, food pantry, and daily events, and I’m so happy to be in a position where I can support their cause.

I’m super excited to kick off The Antenna with articles about stuff I care about!! I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that Chip, the cute little robot from my logo, uses they/them pronouns.

Happy Pride Month, everybody.

Welcome to The Antenna!

Hey there! This is the little blog area of Pink Robot Studios. The Antenna is focused on providing cool updates and spotlighting creativity and love in the Boise community.

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