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I’ve been making websites for 10 years. No, really. Here’s my first one. Since then, I like to think I’ve improved a little bit. These days I use WordPress, the most popular and powerful website creation tool on the planet.

I make all my sites from scratch – that means no premade templates. You deserve something truly tailored to who you are. Your website is super duper important. Don’t make it bad.



I value transparency and honesty, which is why I tell you your price up front.
No hidden fees. Three plain and simple plans.

no up-front payments.

For one monthly cost, I take care of everything for your site. No hidden fees.


Looking for something simple? Don't pay for more than you need.
$ 199 /month
  • One Page
  • One Project a Month
  • Blog or eCommerce not Included
  • Wind-Powered Hosting
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Dependable Maintenance
  • 1 Tree Planted a Month
  • Free Website Refresh Every 3 Years


My standard plan includes everything you need to accomplish your goals.
$ 299 /month
  • Up to Five Pages
  • One Project a Month
  • Blog Included
  • Wind-Powered Hosting
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Dependable Maintenance
  • 1 Tree Planted a Month
  • Free Website Refresh Every 3 Years


The big one. This plan means I am your go-to guy for everything.
$ ?? /month
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Multiple Projects a Month
  • Blog & eCommerce Included
  • Wind-Powered Hosting
  • Free Domain & SSL
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Dependable Maintenance
  • 1 Tree Planted a Month
  • Free Website Refresh Every 3 Years

website Marketing package


If you build it, they may or may not come.

A fantastic website alone won’t bring people in to your business – if you want to turn your website into a 24/7 automated marketing hub for your company, let’s talk.


Young Creatives

20% off one-time payment
10% off subscription

I offer a significant discount for people like me – I want to help you succeed in your dream any way I can.

You must be 23 years old or younger, working in the arts. (music, photography, writing, etc)

Boise Natives

20% off one-time payment
10% off subscription

Part of my mission with Pink Robot Studios is to empower the Boise community and create a thriving generation of small businesses.

If you own a business or creative venture in the Boise area, reach out! I’d love to help by offering a discount.

Hosting & Domain

included with subscription
$20/month with one-time payment

Think of your website as a house. You’re gonna need two things to live in your new house: a street address, and ownership of the property.

Domains are your street address. Google’s is google.com. Mine is pinkrobot.studio. You can choose between tons of “extensions” for your domain, like .org, .com, or .band. Think of these “extensions” like Avenue, Street, or Boulevard. One domain that costs under $35/year (the vast majority of domains) is included free with your subscription.

Hosting is your ownership of the property. It’s reserving the space on someone else’s servers to keep your website running and available to people online. My hosting is super speedy and powered using 100% renewable energy, with no limits on anything.

This service also includes unlimited email. Really – no limits.



A project is an update or change to your site. This can be anything from adding a new team member to the About page, to changing the layout of a page.

Sometimes, a change or addition may be too large to count as just a “project,” and will have to be billed separately. I use the “common sense” rule for this – if it seems like a pretty big thing, it’s probably too large.

I’ll be very up front with you about this when it occurs, so rest assured you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into and how much it’ll cost. For example, adding a new full-size page with new content would count as being “too large.”

I use the world’s post popular and powerful website creation tool, WordPress. It currently powers over 35% of the entire internet! And don’t worry about learning curves, I make sure it is as easy as possible for you to log in and make changes with a custom dashboard.

If you’re a member of one of my subscription plans, you receive a certain amount of free projects every month. Refer to the plans above to see what’s available!

If you’re out of projects or not on a plan, no problem! I’ve got two options for you:

  1. I’m always available to help! Shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you. Any additional changes I make cost $65/hr ($50/hr for anyone under the Young Creatives umbrella). Don’t worry, I’m fast.
  2. You’re welcome to work on your site yourself, using my library of WordPress tutorials to help you out. It’s your site, after all!

Good for you! If you’re already the proud owner of your domain, we can easily connect your new site to your old domain at your current registrar.

If you’d like to transfer the domain management to me, I’m happy to take it on as part of the subscription plans.

I’ve created dozens of videos to teach you how to run your new site – everything from adding users to editing pages. All my videos are available to you through the Pink Robot Studios website, and more specific videos can be made upon request at no additional cost.

We’ll have a video meeting to discuss your project with my time-tested questionnaire approach. That day, you’ll receive a proposal in your email inbox, and once you sign off, I’ll get started! You’ll receive the first draft of the homepage within one week of payment.

We check back in and make as many changes as needed until you’re happy with the results. Unless you’re adding a significant amount to the project (like a new page or live chat functionality), all revisions are included free.

Finally, I’ll get the content from you, then it’s ready to go live!

Depends on the size of your site! My average turnaround time from start to launch of a site is about 4 weeks, but I’ve had some take as few as 2 weeks and as many as 8.

Every three years on any of my subscription plans, you’ll qualify for a free full refresh of your site. That means a shiny new coat of paint at no additional cost! We’ll take the existing content and bring it up to the design standards of the current year. It’s really just an excuse for me to do more design work. I love this stuff.

If you’re looking for a full rebuild, with new page architecture, content, or features, we’ll have to discuss that separately. Any additions you make to the site will be billed as such.

This refresh is not mandatory, but it is free! I always recommend a new site every couple years to keep up with emerging design trends and keep you ahead of the game.

When we start your project, you’re on the hook for the first year of subscription payments. After that point, you’re free to cancel your subscription whenever you want.

If we need to cancel early, I’ll just charge the leftover amount of that year. So if we cancel six months in, I’ll send over an invoice for that last six months and we’ll call it good there.

I wish I could allow free cancellations during that first year, but to be fully transparent, I need to make a certain amount on each project to be profitable. I’ve designed my plans to be as affordable as possible while still allowing myself some room to keep this business of mine afloat.

Get In Touch

I’d love to get to know you and your project! No obligation, and no annoying mailing lists.

Get in Touch

I’d love to get to know you and your project! No obligations, and no annoying mailing lists.