My Projects

Take a look at some of the past projects I’ve completed!

Your website is super duper important. Don’t make it bad.

Alex Bridgeman

Website • Branding • Graphics

This one was a blast! Alex is the host of a fantastic podcast titled Think Like An Owner, a show featuring conversations with business owners and investors. He needed a rebrand that displayed a friendlier side and added some “pizazz.” I created his colorful new site, logo, and podcast art. This project was completed in about a month.


Website • Branding • Graphics

As both the greatest musician and greatest designer on the planet, it was important to me that my band had a solid online presence. I created a logo, color scheme, website, and graphics for the band that reflect how our music sounds to us. As a side note, we’ve got an EP coming out soon!

Davies Clinic


This looker was built for a local health clinic in Canby, Oregon. They needed a new site that emphasized simplicity, as most of their client base is older and unfamiliar with the internet. I put together this site in about two weeks. This one was a unique challenge!

Lawn Stallion

Website • Branding • Graphics

Lawn Stallion is a premier lawncare company based in Florida. I created a super cool site, graphics, and logo for them that reflects their upscale business. After many drafts, we were incredibly happy with the final results. It’s become one of my favorite projects! J.T. is a super cool guy. Tell him I sent you.