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Introducing Ashley!

The first official Pink Robot employee! Congrats Ashley, and thanks Dan Martell.
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This has been a big few months for us over in the Pink Robot camp. For starters, I can officially say “us” in these posts instead of “me.”

Everyone, meet Ashley, designer & developer at Pink Robot Studios. And congratulations, Ashley, on your first month at Pink Robot!

Ashley is a Boise-based web/graphic designer who was introduced to me by a mutual friend when I posted on my Instagram story asking if anyone wants to work at Pink Robot Studios. There’s more formal ways to find job applicants, sure, but we’ve never really been all that formal over here.

Ashley comes from a long background of working in graphic design, and went to North Idaho College for it. Technically speaking, that means she’s got more credentials than me. She’s already shown herself to be incredibly capable even in the few short weeks she’s been working here. I’m excited to give her a space to become even more capable over time.

Ashley, or the “pioneer employee” of Pink Robot, as she put it (which is super funny), is a whiz at Figma, schooled in logo design, and a much better programmer than I. She loves all forms of creative expression, from fashion to taxidermy to Pinterest boards.

Around these parts, she helps out with all sorts of stuff. Design ideation, website development, research, the works. If you get a Figma design from Pink Robot, you’d best believe she helped make it. Already, she’s helped institute a few changes in the kitchen here that have really worked wonders.

We meet up every Monday to talk shop and work together at a coffee shop. Our goal is to try every coffee place in town. So far, the favorite is Caffeina.

I’ve been reading this book called “Buy Back Your Time” by Dan Martell, at the recommendation of one of my favorite recurring clients. The thesis of the book is that, as a business owner, your job is to make your business better above all else. If that means hiring someone to do something better than you can do it, so be it. And so it was – Ashley, as it turns out, is better at a lot of things than I am. Ultimately, it’s a book about letting go of your ego, I think.

Here’s to the future of Pink Robot, and here’s to Dan Martell!

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