Need a logo or graphic for your thing? I’ve got you.

Beyond a great website, having a distinct visual style is crazy important. I’ve had the opportunity to make logos, podcast covers, graphics, banners and other stuff for projects all across the spectrum of style and needs.

Logo with Text
Think Like An Owner-01
Parkside Capital Partners
Operator's Handbook
SMBash logo



I don’t need to convince you that you need a logo. What I do need to convince you of is that I can do a bang-up job for you.

I’ve designed logos for everything from bands (like my own) to journals to investment firms. The fun part of what I do is creating in a variety of styles and understanding the uniqueness of your particular project.

I’d love to help you put together an awesome logo that strikes fear into the hearts of your competitors (or whatever you want to strike into whoever. That may be a bit overboard).

By the way, that $500 covers unlimited drafts and redos. We’re not gonna rest until we find something you love.

Lawn Stallion logo
My logo design for Florida landscaping company Lawn Stallion.
Logo with Text
My band's logo.
Think Like An Owner-01
Cover art for the podcast Think Like An Owner.

2D Graphics


I love drawing stuff. By extension, that means I’m gonna love drawing stuff for your project.

I’ve created promotional art, social media banners, podcast cover art, album cover art, even PowerPoint presentations – and I’ve had a blast doing it all.

Pricing for 2D graphics varies depending on complexity, but as always my base price covers unlimited drafts and redos. Get in touch with me and we can discuss how best to accomplish your goals.

The Process

Plain and simple, this is what’s gonna go down.


We set up a video call and I create a project overview.


I send over several concepts of your piece.


We iterate on the drafts until we reach a conclusion.

Blast off!

Congratulations! Your graphic is complete!