My name is David.
Nice to meet you.

Howdy! My name is David Bridgeman (he/him) from Boise, Idaho.

I’m a student at Boise State University by day, and a web/graphic designer by night. My goal in life is to give everybody equal opportunity to accomplish their dreams. I know how expensive a good website can be, which is why I’m here. I want to change that. And donate to charity while doing it.

By the way, did you notice the paragraph at the top of this page was a haiku?

My Values

I started Pink Robot Studios because I wanted to use my skills to make a genuine difference in my community. I’m proud to be climate-positive, donate my part to charity, and be a signee of the Sustainable Web Manifesto.

Every new project plants 5 trees

100% renewable energy hosting

5% of profits
to charity

The Antenna

The Antenna

I write (and sometimes other people do, too) on my blog, The Antenna. It’s focused on spotlighting the Boise community and creating a space where I can write about what I care about.